Black Brown Maroon Cashmere Shawl in Paisley-Self With Sozni Border From Kashmir - S200201

Rs 1,999.00

PRODUCT: The most subtle and aesthetically beautiful product of Kashmir Shawl artistry. 100% pure wool. A form of embroidery using thin needles and therefore a very fine and accurate art requiring much skill and attention to detail. Using needles of different sizes, one shawl may be worked on by as many as two or three artisans.

SIZE : SHAWL:100 X 200 cms or 40 X 79 Inches WEIGHT : 300 gms 

PROCESS : Sozni Weaving, Made in Kashmir, India

SHIPPING: FREE all across India.

CARE: Dry Clean Only. This product is made of natural fibers and utmost care should be taken while washing and ironing it. Fold your scarf into small squares and stack them in a drawer or hang them neatly on a hanger. 


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